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Game Template Rodan


The Game Template Rodan is one of our Webspell Templates of the latest generation.
Cool and modern web design with a responsive programming.


Responsive Clan Website

Rodan Game Template

Webspell Template of the latest generation


The Game Template Rodan is one of our Webspell Templates of the latest generation . The template is suitable for any ambitious clan or Esports community.
Rodan has been optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone view.

Many great features and addons are waiting for you:
We have a complete Game Font for Clan template designed and integrated, where all ESL games are listed with stylish icons. A TeamSpeak 3 Server Viewer in a cool and novel design and the Latest matches and the Top Match in innovative appearance are included.
Connects your Clan site with our Social Media Connect . Moves freely between 5 different color versions … But check out Rodan with our Live Demo.

Bring color into play

5 color options

Your Clan Website


specially designed

ESL Game Icons Font

All ESL Games as Squad Icons

Innovative view

Matches & Top Match

including images and ESL Game Icons


Integration of your

Teamspeak 3 Server

on the Clan Site


Connect your Clan Website

Social Media Connect


  • Webspellversion 4.2.5
  • Responsive
  • Upload your own headerpicture
  • Upload your own Clan Logo and Clan Icon
  • no loveless webspell adaptation
  • Bilingual (German and English)
  • Top Match Addon
  • Teamspeak 3 Server Viewer Addon
  • New Unique Game Icons
  • Connect your site with your Social Networks
  • unique designs of subpages
  • 5 colors (Red, orange, blue, turquoise, pink)
  • Completely CUSTOMISABLE community or Gaming Template

Included files:

  • Installation Instructions
  • Font folder
  • PSD folder
  • Webspell Addons folder
  • WebspellCode folder


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