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06 Feb 2016

Minecraft Dynmap Viewer Webspell Addon

The Minecraft Dynmap Viewer Webspell Addon is developed for our Minecraft Template Minezilla and we want it make it avaible for you separately, because we think that it should be on everyMinecraft Website.

It is a Webspell Addon for the latest Webspellversion 4.2.4. but it also works with older versions. A “must have” for every Minecraft Server, who wants to offer an incomparable experience in a new world to its visitors and gamers.

Just enter the link to your Minecraft Server in the Admincenter and the Minecraft Dynmap Viewer Webspell Addon does the rest.

You can see the Minecraft Dynmap Viewer in action and to download it here:

Download now LIVEDEMO

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